To Timothy

Hello Gus,

How’s the leg?

Yeah, it’s me.

I can’t say how sorry I am for dragging your kid into this. It showed me the only way. I’m sure you and Tim will have plenty to talk about, so I’ll keep this short. I lived happily ever after, albeit in a different time. You can let go of all that. It wasn’t your fault.

When I gave you the sword I already knew what would happen. The damned thing wrote the whole series of events on my brain. I couldn’t change any of it if I tried.

And I tried.

The sword wants to be with Kelly and Tim now. That’s all I know.

I’m finally done with it, or it’s finally done with me.

Send my love to the gang, and farewell my friend. The journey continues without us.



P.S. Go easy on Tim. He’s been through a lot. Also, he’s in possession of an all powerful interdimensional being. Maybe take him for pizza and ice cream. The kids still eat pizza and ice cream, right?



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