To Timothy

Hi Kelly, I know what you did last night.

Don’t sweat it. Just show Tim what you found before you get downtown.

Don’t demonstrate.

Just explain. Show Tim and Bobby the hole you made. You may not know it, but you almost took out a whole city block. You were lucky.

Still, you had the right idea. Just point it in the direction of something you don’t want to be there anymore, and try not to turn it all the way up.

You’ll probably want to take the train downtown. This is where that cash will come in handy. There’s a store about three doors up the block north of the West 32nd Street stop. They’ll sell you some flak jackets and helmets. Tell them you’re rich kids working on costumes. Once they see cash they won’t ask too many questions. Put them on, and get back on the train.

When you get downtown you’ll fit right in.

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