To Timothy

First off, I know that was messed up. Just know this—those two weren’t sent by your Dad. They’re not with the General either.

The good news is they took care of the tail your dad sent. Now you just need to take care of these two. No need for any more violence.

The bad news is the General and your dad also probably, most likely—definitely—will think you killed the first set of operatives now.

Don’t take the guns. Take the clips and ammo with you. Break apart the guns. Toss a few components over the back fence. Trash the rest.

Tie these two up really well. Drag them out into the bushes along the side of the house. You won’t hear from them again. I think they were hired thugs. When they don’t check in, and when the two of you are seen around town, the ones who hired them will think they made off with the cash. These two aren’t dumb enough to stick around for that.

Speaking of cash. There’s a wad of it in their glove box. Also, another gun under the driver’s seat and more ammo in the trunk. Same protocol as the other guns. We don’t need those. They won’t do you any good. Leave the car and enough cash for gas. Your attackers will want to get far out of town.

Get over to Kelly’s. Get her, get the sword, and get downtown. You only have thirty minutes till the General finds out and sends reinforcements to track you down again.

As a little reminder, the government now likely thinks you’re armed and dangerous. Needless to say, stay out of sight. Head somewhere you’ve never been.

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