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Social Media is Dead, Long Live Social Media

It’s been a while since I regularly posted here. I kept the site alive just in case I sold a story or three, but otherwise I’ve been content to troll around various Discord servers of great community. Interestingly, I’ve found that the recent implosion of the site formerly known as Twitter has brought a feel of community back to the feeds. I’ve settled on Mastodon and Threads. Find me at the links in the sidebar ——–>

When I read recently that the Fediverse welcomed a new plugin for WordPress that allows auto-posting to Mastodon, it made me take a fresh look. The plugin isn’t perfect, and I’m currently the blog’s only follower, but it was never a big audience server in the first place. This is mostly a place for me to post samples and information. A spot to point people at when they want my info.

But another thing happened when I took a fresh look at the blog, here; it dawned on me that I have a back catalog of stories that have languished in slush piles for a couple years and need to see the light of day. The Randoneur for example. I wrote that for a Cat Rambo short story workshop back in mid-2020. About 25 rejections later, I’m still proud of it and love the story, world, and mystery that surrounds it. The relationships in it are as multidimensional as the story. It’s a weird little piece though, and it doesn’t fit nicely into a neat subgenre. It’s LGBTQIA+ but only subtly so—it’s fantasy, but not. It might be Sci-Fi, if you think about it too hard. It might do well as a plot to a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode.

At any rate, it’s not right for the magazine editors out there, but it’s mine and I love it, so Mleh

That’s it. The blog’s still here. The stories still flow, but going forward this will be the resting place of the ones that don’t sell for the million little reasons why that happens. Maybe I’ll rename it “Home for Beautiful Rejects”.

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