Just in case anyone has this site on a feed somewhere, I’m going for it once again. Full plotter-mode this time. Every novel I tackle gets a bit more planned out. This one is no exception.

What have I been up to these 2 years you may ask? Early in 2015 I took some advice to work on finishing projects before getting ahead of myself with things like blogging. Unfortunately I picked a 100,000 word novel that needed a full rewrite to “finish”, so consequently I’ve spent a couple-two-tree years workin on dat.

Now, lo and behold, I’m in the home stretch. The last act is coming together. This will likely still all need another edit, but at least it’s holding together. I even have a cover design!

Sooooo, I’m feeling comfortable enough to write another book in November. This one’s been clawing its way out of my head since our vacation in July. It should be a fun journey. Hope to see you on the other side of that.


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