Post Beta Edits: Day 1

Word cloud from Bluest Moon

Well, we have a quorum. Over half my Betas of Bluest Moon are back. I held myself to not looking at them until May, but now I have to follow through on the other half of that promise. I’ll be heads-down into this edit for the better part of this month with queries going out before Wordcon Glasgow in August.

First impressions: Pretty darn good. Honestly, no one had glaring issues, and the issues people did find were mostly attributable to individual tastes. The only consistent wish list items were some worldbuilding clarifications and secondary character motivations. Call me gobsmacked.

Looks like this pass, I’ll be deepening a few connections and drawing attention to a few descriptions. An interesting thing I noticed was people missing little details I drop throughout the book and getting confused when they turn into a plot point later. Apparently, I need to call more attention to Chekhov’s guns. I also did a good job making the characters connect. Everyone’s liking it and asking for even more.

Minor admin note: I’ve officially turned off all SEO optimization for this site. The chronic bullshit that is SEO has turned search results into a wasteland, and I want no part in it. If you found this site, then you followed the breadcrumbs left through my community, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Welcome!

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