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The Randonneur

Bicyclist standing next to his bike against a dark ember sky

The stars greeted him. The crisp desert air gave a clear view of the night, as planes blinked by a sliver of moonlight. Four planes blinked, flying in an orderly row. First four, then five, and six. One by one, more blinking lights joined until the whole sky flickered in a wave from east to west, the stars going out and coming back ten or more times before Gary shut his eyes tight, took a deep inhale, and opened again.

Nothing but night. No stars. No planes. Darkness.

NaNoWriMo 2015

Like many other authors out there I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo again this year. In other words, don’t expect much from me this month. When I’m not in a caffeine induced craze of keyboard abuse I’m either sleeping (less than usual), working (less than usual), and/or (usually and) thinking about my novel. This year I …

Wishful Thinking

Have you ever started thinking about a fantastic thing/superpower/event, and then thought, “I wish I could have that as my one wish from a genie?” Of course, when I think this, my mind immediately goes to all the ways said genie would distort the way I asked, inevitably turning the wish into something else, and likely into something that …