About Musings and Harry

As the title indicates this is the online home of the miscellaneous musings of Harry Meier. While the blog is mostly a place to post my shorter writing. I may also spew out into the æther, excerpts from novels, random pictures, commentary on my journey, or just the odd random rant, all by me.

Who may you ask is Harry Meier?

Yes, I whiteboard, and yes, whiteboard is a verb.
Yes, I whiteboard, and yes, whiteboard is a verb.

Well, I’m glad you asked. Harry Meier, aka Harold J Meier III of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Harold Meiers, third of his name, and keeper of the sacred ring bologna, is a Deputy CIO by day and writer of sci-fi by … whatever time of day he can be.

With a day job in tech you can see why I write science fiction in my spare time. Alternately, you may ask why I would want to keep thinking about the future when I live in it every day. Well, for one, the word Enterprise is used way too much in my presence. If my dementia were broadcast as a hologram, then every time someone said that word, the starship of the same name would make a flyby.

Secondly, one of the nicer parts of my day job is researching up-and-coming technologies. Many of these are new ways to crunch numbers or new fancy ways to show various people whose title begins with C a new pretty graph. However, many are also things like massively interconnected artificially intelligent swarms of household appliances can change the way we humans work together.

“Wait, I’m in IT too, and I don’t do that!” you may say.
“Well, you’re doing it wrong.” I may answer.

But more seriously, I only deal with the technology part of the future in the day job. Sci-fi has always dug deeper than that, looking at the implications and societal impacts of that potential future. My writing often plays within and around the concept of family and relationships amidst all the turmoil the march of time and tech can throw at us.

I hope you enjoy my writing. If you do I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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