To Timothy

Good morning, get any sleep?

No? Well, that was to be expected.

I know you hate coffee, but it may be necessary. You need to be alert today. Your mom keeps some spare cash in the freezer behind the bag of peas on the door. Just grab a little. Go buy a cup o’ joe.

By now the public will be panicking a bit at the messages. Don’t watch the news. They have no clue. Astronomers will come up with some natural explanation.

Here’s a tip. It ain’t natural.

Grab your coffee on the way to Bobby’s. Give Kelly a call on the way, but don’t talk about yesterday. If she tries, just redirect the conversation. Talk about the game. Spill your heart out to her. Your phone’s being monitored now. Make the listeners want to gag at the fact that they have to sit through the conversation of a couple of pubescent pre-teens.

I mean that with the greatest of respect.

You’ll be followed too. The General was probably convinced. As you know now, she’s seen weirder shit than this, but your parents know you. Gus will make sure all his bets are hedged, including you. Don’t take it personally. He loves you, and he never wanted you to get caught up in this stuff. Give him reason to believe you haven’t.

Hey Bobby, do you remember the lessons from Krav Maga where you disarmed an attacker? I know you didn’t practice that enough. Do it now with Tim. Teach him, and both of you practice for the next two hours.

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