To Timothy

You should be getting close. Things might be looking weird out the windows. Try to ignore it.

Look, I need to explain a few things, but there’s not much time.

You’ve trusted me so far, and I haven’t lied to you yet. You’re gonna need to suspend disbelief a bit. Probably not too hard at this point, but things are about to get even weirder.

That sword, as you’ve probably figured out, isn’t just a sword. Kelly’s little accident last night should be proof enough of that, but it’s a whole lot more than that. It looks like a sword because it chooses to. I think it’s because it doesn’t like to be touched in the pointy parts, but that’s just my hypothesis. It never told me. It exists someplace beyond our ability to understand.

Go with it, or things will go very badly. That’s not a threat. It knows what needs to be done.

Trust it. End of story.

When you get downtown it’ll be painfully obvious where you need to be. The General will be responding appropriately. At least as appropriately as she can. She’s only human.

That’s where you come in. All three of you need to head right into the middle. The sword will protect you. Just stick together.

Now, these chuckleheads you’ll be facing look tougher than they are. They have no power of their own.

Think of them more like a cult.

As soon as the sword shows itself they’ll back off. One or two may have delusions of grandeur. You know how the sword works. Make an example of them. Try not to level any buildings.

Good luck. Godspeed. Stop reading now.

It’s time.

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